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wherever I am at the moment. (Lily Leung)

and my heart is


  La Corte San Michele
Live here unforgettable experiences

Here you are immersed in nature and its tranquility.


We organize:


- the search for the truffle with the trifulau (in season)

- wine tasting and visit to cellars

- courses, workshops and meetings of yoga, kinesiology and holistic practices


And much more...

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Festivity at Roatto

If you are lovers of the traditions, genuine folk festivals, the excellent companionship, good wine, the traditional Piedmontese cuisine, singing and dancing, you can not miss our parties.


Located inside the walls of the Roatto castle and dipped in its beautiful park filled with ancient oaks, “La Corte San Michele” was the home of the coachman and of the carpenter, who was fixing the horse-drawn carriages, the wagons and the equipments used in agriculture in the workshop that is part of the structure.


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